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Five Guns West - Shalee Jethro (Dorothy Malone) helps her father run a desert stagecoach station.

Five Guns West (1955)
Director: Roger Corman
Writer: R. Wright Campbell (screenplay)
Stars: John Lund, Dorothy Malone, Mike Connors
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 15 April 1955 (USA)
Also Known As: 5 Ружей На Запад
Filming Locations: Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA

Shalee Jethro (Dorothy Malone) helps her father run a desert stagecoach station. Five desperate outlaws arrive at the station to await a gold shipment they plan to rob, and Shalee becomes their hostage bait in several ways, and then the men begin to fight among themselves. four of them attack her but she is saved by Govern Sturges (John Lund), who also turns out to be a Confederate officer planted among the gang. Written by Les Adams

"Five guns west is a western made with a low budget, but with surprising results. It tells the story of five prisoners which are released on the condition that they will go on a mission for the confederates. There was a similar story in 'Only The Valiant'(1951) and later on 'The Dirty Dozen'(1967). I wonder who came out first with this idea, it proved to be a great source for films. There is no glamor here, no handsome hero, the handsome guy (Mike Connors) is really a crook and the leader is John Lund.Dorothy Malone is the girl who lives with her uncle in a deserted town, and you feel she is starving for a man, it is hard to accept her loneliness. When she dances with each of the men, you feel she is breaking so many of her own rules, that for her it is almost as if she was making love to them. The Candy brothers, Bob Campbell and Jonathan Haze are as real as it can be, one a man with no morals and the other so limited that he does not know what morals are. Paul Birch is the good bad guy who unwillingly got into trouble with the law. They are all waiting for the stagecoach and when it comes, there are some good action scenes. Roger Corman is the type of guy who seems to succeed in anything he does, and he certainly knew how to make a western." Written by tmwest on

"A group of five condemned confederates are sent west to find a stagecoach carrying a southern spy and $30,000 in confederate gold. The highpoint comes when they reach the stage coach station to await the arrival of the targeted stagecoach. Working there in the isolated station are Dorothy Malone and her alcoholic uncle. The interesting interaction between her, her uncle and the five men isn't half bad, with much of the attention sharply focused on the men and Malone, the highpoint being an interesting scene where they share dances with her. While the story is full of potential, it seems to avoid it more than not, though it is notable as Corman's first directorial effort." Written by RanchoTuVu on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Five Guns West
Brazil (alternative title): Cinco Pistolas do Oeste
Brazil (original subtitled version): Cinco Revólveres Mercenários
Brazil: Cinco Revólveres Mercanários
Denmark: Pigen og diligencerøverne
France: Cinq fusils à l' ouest
Greece (transliterated title): Pente pistolia sti Dysi
Hungary: Öt fegyveres a nyugaton
Italy: Cinque colpi di pistola
Japan (Japanese title): ファイブ・ガン あらくれ5人拳銃
Russia: 5 Ружей На Запад
Spain: Cinco pistolas
Sweden: Rebellernas attack
Sweden: Dödsfällan vid Dawn Springs
Turkey (Turkish title): Beş kişi ölecek
UK: Five Guns West
West Germany: Fünf Revolver gehen nach Westen

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