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Chino - A runaway teenager and a mixed-race horse breeder strike an unlikely friendship in the context of common hardships.

Chino (1973)
Directors: John Sturges, Duilio Coletti
Writers: Lee Hoffman (novel), Clair Huffaker
Stars: Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Marcel Bozzuffi
Genres: Action, Adventure, Western, Drama
Runtime: 1h 35min
Country: Italy | Spain | France | USA
Language: English
Release Date: 29 November 1973 (West Germany)
Also Known As: The Wild Horses
Filming Locations: Almería, Andalucía, Spain

Chino Valdez is a loner horse breeder living in the old west. Partly a loner by choice, and partly because, being a 'half-breed', he finds himself unwelcome almost everywhere he goes. One day, a young runaway named Jimmy shows up at his door looking for work and a roof over his head. Reluctantly, Chino agrees to take him in and teach him the art of raising, breaking and breeding horses, until the pair finally begin to accept each other. Written by Jean-Marc Rocher.

"First of all when i first saw this some 6 years ago, i thought it was s**t. I bought a Charlie DVD with 3 films on, this with Cold Sweat and Lola. But last year it was released on DVD over here in the UK. And man it's a great picture, like new. And that made it all better and interesting. The story line is great, unique. You cant beat it, I love it. But then again there isn't a Charlie film i don't. If it was released back in 73 the way it was on the us DVD, no wonder it didn't make money, OH brother what was wrong with them. I Defo recommend this to anyone, but only if you buy the UK DVD.

A story i will treasure...

10/10" Written by loulou1992 on

"This a very good Charles Bronson film. Not very violent, with a good message. This was one of the many films Charles Bronson made with his wife Jill Ireland. Bronson plays Chino Valdez, a man who is haunted by the fact that everywhere he goes there is trouble. He is a silent, not scary man, but people constantly get into fights with him. He meets a young boy who is eager to work with him as a ranch hand. The boy learns how to break horses and he learns the facts of life. Chino Valdez serves as a father figure for the boy. **** Great movie. Unfortunately many of the prints on DVD are lousy. The 1984 Warner Home Video VHS copy is not a bad print." Written by Tony Rome on

"I watched this movie a few days ago and at the time wasn't overly impressed. However, I find myself still thinking about it and therefore I can't deny it made a lasting impression. This is certainly one of the more unusual westerns you will ever watch and I would add this is definitely one of Bronson's better films. I watched a really bad print of this on VHS and wish I had something better to view this film again. I'm sure I would like it even better second time around.

I think that maybe the real genius in this movie is the way it accurately captured the isolation early pioneers actually encountered in the vastness of the old west. Bronson is a man living alone on a horse ranch and "living" is about it. Unexpectedly he befriends a young drifter and then even more unexpectedly falls in love with a very beautiful woman. Then his life really become complicated. However, all the while, you sort of sense that he expects things to work out wrong because that is just the way life goes for a man like him; someone who learns to mostly just depend on himself and just accept whatever comes as whatever comes. In a way its a sad film...but you have to realize that life out there on the frontier battling the elements, ruthless land barons, and loneliness wasn't exactly a bowl of cherries. The landscape, overcast skies, and the sets do a fabulous job helping create the somber atmosphere that is, in my opinion, the real star of this film. This is a spaghetti western but this time around the various elements of Italian films are brought out in their better light. [...]" Written by asinyne on

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