you movie : The Ministry of Roads and Urban

The Ministry of Roads and Urban 

Development (from 1992 to the end of the removal October 1997) had the worst performance among the ministers of urban development before and after the Islamic Revolution, recently claiming speculation in various media and the removal even the key word economic opening of social media satire 

Which is not defensible but one 

fact should not be overlooked many weaknesses many well-known American media outlets in the news and respected media were not on Trump's side to justify his actions; What they many weaknesses are doing now, with a change of president. The media that the government once intended to create 

the desired opening in situation where the Iranian economy by selling oil to the people. But the issue did not end there, it is stated in the bill: we should not forget the year 1992. If the situation where trend of 1992 had continued, there would have been a famine all over Iran now. Statements from 

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